Kenyan Advisory Council

Dan Kuto
President and Founder

Dan Kuto is one of the original members of The Mama Ada Foundation Advisory Council from Ziwa Ndalat cluster. Dan’s responsibilities include the logistics of student organization and general communication with the USA partners. For several years, Dan worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Water, but eventually found his passion for helping the less privileged through non-profit organizations such as USAID, the NGO Council of Kenya, schools and other organizations. When he visited his family in Marshall, Minnesota, USA, Dan worked for several social service companies in the Twin Cities. He enjoys politics and a good movie.

Moses Bor
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Moses Bor currently serves as Vice Chairman of Kabuson Parish, and has been an active member of The Mama Ada Foundation Advisory Board for 3 years. Moses has also been a trained accountant for 17 years, and remains dedicated to farming and small businesses. He is well respected within his community and carries a strong sense of leadership .

Viola Lagat
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Viola Lagat is the Advisory Council’s newest member. She is very active in her community, and serves in the Parish Mother’s Union and as a Chairlady. Viola has a passion for horticulture and poultry farming, and enjoys attending trainings to further develop her knowledge, which is then passed on to others.

Stephen Lagat
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Stephen Lagat holds a Diploma in Theology from St. Paul’s University Limuru and currently serves as a School Chaplain at the ACK Diocese of Eldoret, where over 800 students attend under the direction of 60 teachers and staff.

Stephen is married to Hellen Lagat and has one child in high school and another in primary school. His passion includes assisting those in need, and working with the community to empower local farmers and students who were not as fortunate to attend school.

Willy Kiprop Limo
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Willy Kiprop Limo serves as the Secretary for the ACK St. Joseph’s Kerotet Cluster. Willy has also been a primary teacher since 2002. He holds a P1 certificate in primary school and has a degree in Primary Option from Egerton University. Willy is an active member of the Parish Synod.

Jackson Singoei
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Jackson Singoei is from the rural county of Nandi, and has lived with his family in the the Sergoit region in Uasin Gishu county for the last 50 years.

He is married with four children, three of which are currently in college, and the youngest in primary school.

Jackson attended University to become a Dairy Technologist and has worked in several firms, including the Kenya Cooperative Creamery (KCC) as a Supervisor. Jackson eventually found his way into private business and farming.

Most importantly, Jackson is a born again Christian and serves in God's vineyard in several capacities, working with fellow committee members to identify the most struggling farmers and students under the umbrella of the Mama Ada Foundation.

Isaac Tarus
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Isaac Tarus is a kindergarten teacher from the Kamoiywa Cluster, and serves as a Church Secretary and Lay Reader. Isaac also serves as the secretary to a very successful Farmers Cooperative Society in his village. Besides teaching, Isaac enjoys reading novels and playing handball during his free time with his wife and two young children.

Stan Tiony
Kenyan Advisory Council Member

Stan Tiony was born in Ziwa Uasin Gishu County and attended Moi University Cheploilel Campus (present-day University of Eldoret) where he earned degree in Horticulture. Having grown up in a farming family, Stan knows everything there is to know about farming. His experience as an Agronomist (soil and plant doctor) spans more than two decades working across the agriculture value chains, from soil fertility and nutrition to produce marketing.

Stan’s passion for working with the less fortunate in society saw him to join the Mama Ada Foundation as an Agriculture Project Coordinator, and hopes to continue inspiring change in the communities he feels privileged to work within.

Stan has three lovely children with his wife Esther.