Stories Hadithi

We hope that you let these stories really sink in, slowly reading about these young people in Kenya and how their lives were profoundly changed through scholarships from our organization. This year, The Mama Ada Foundation awarded scholarships to 225 students in Kenya, enabling them to find their desks in a classroom and to realize their potential.

Without scholarships from our organization, these alums highlighted here could not have gone to high school and moved on to bright futures.

Yet while many have achieved great success, there are literally thousands of other young people waiting for the opportunity to attend school.

Our Mama Ada Scholarship Alums have formed their own organization, in response to this need - the Mama Ada Alumni Association. This remarkable group of former students is now providing uniforms and other necessities to students in their communities. We salute their generosity and vision for their people, with the clear idea that change can begin with just a few people, such as Mama Ada, believing in goodness and opportunity for all.

The Mama Ada Foundation

Japheth Yegon
Hospital Administrator

Japheth was one of the first students to receive a scholarship from The Mama Ada Foundation.

He was a young man living on a small farm near Mama Ada’s home, when his community nominated him to receive tuition assistance.

Japheth has since propelled himself to success, as he is now the Administrator for Alexandria Cancer Centre, which has multiple hospital locations.

Japheth is working toward a graduate degree, as he also manages his farm.

William Koech
Finance Specialist

William was among the first group of young people to be awarded a scholarship from our organization.

His community put his name forward for assistance, as they saw his hard work and potential, yet his need for funds to get to school.

In the years since William received his first scholarship, he has never lost sight of his goal to change the world for the better.

Holding a graduate degree, he is now employed in a high level finance position with the Public Service Commission of Kenya.

Maurine Lagat

Maurine received scholarships from The Mama Ada Foundation that enabled her to complete high school and to earn a college degree.

Now, she works as a nurse at Alexandria Cancer Centre, having been hired there by fellow Mama Ada Scholarship Alum, Japheth Yegon.

Maurine is very thankful for the opportunities made possible through donors to The Mama Ada Foundation - she says, “Counting my blessings one by one with service to humanity.”

We know that in the years ahead Maurine will serve many people with medical needs, and we are blessed to have partnered with her to make her dreams come true.

Susan Chmba Lagat

Susan Chmba Lagat is a farmer whose life has been transformed by our Ag Pilot Project. She lives on a farm with two acres of land, not far from Mama Ada’s own farm. Susan has participated in training from The Mama Ada Foundation, such as the poultry training, and learned about better ways to care for her poultry, such as brood management, poultry housing and hygiene, feeding and vaccination practices.

In her own words, “I used to crush some herbs and administer them to my chickens but they fell ill and died. Thanks to the poultry training, I gained a deeper understanding about the need for routine vaccinations against common diseases.” Susan also learned to put up modern housing structures for her chickens, which protect them from predators. She now boasts of a poultry house that holds 30 chickens, from which she regularly collects eggs for market, giving her family an income.

She says, “Thank you so much to The Mama Ada Foundation and the entire Kenyan team for touching our lives.”

Ezekiel Keny Cherenget

Ezekiel Keny Cherenget grows maize (corn), beans, dairy, and avocado on his two-acre farm. Despite an ankle injury, he gets up early every morning to care for his crops and animals. Along with this hard work ethic, Ezekiel now has knowledge about new ag technologies, thanks to our organization’s training. As one example, he has learned how to convert his maize crop into silage to provide food for his animals.

He now boasts two well-nourished cows that produce milk that he sells to the Sirikwa Farmers Cooperative, providing his family with an income. He has also learned about novel crops and is most happy to report that by selling fruit from his three avocado trees, he is now able to pay for his children’s school tuition.

And along with a gift of seeds and fertilizer from The Mama Ada Foundation, Ezekiel can break a long cycle of hunger, with the vision and knowledge to achieve independence and well-being for his family.

Wilson Rop

Wilson Rop used to only grow maize (corn), beans and wheat on his two acre farm. Then, he learned through training provided by The Mama Ada Foundation about different kinds of crops. So now, he grows maize, millet, garden peas, onions, beans and more.

In the fields, he works with his wife and children, as they incorporate their new knowledge into field work. As a way of nurturing agriculture skills in his children, some of whom are in high school and studying agriculture, Wilson gave each one a small piece of land to grow crops of their choice. They sell this produce to earn money for their school expenses.

In Wilson’s words, “I want to sincerely thank The Mama Ada Foundation for their support. Thank you for the seeds and fertilizer; our crops are looking very good this year. Kongoi missing (thank you very much) and God bless!”