Mama Ada has lived in Kenya all her life, many of these years on a farm in a village called Ziwa. Her home has been open to all - a place where people sing, talk, eat, and pray together.

Many of Ada's neighbors are living in poverty. Ada has watched as countless of her community have suffered - many young people without school tuition, and farmers without seeds to plant in their fields.

So when Mama Ada traveled to stay with family in Minnesota several years ago, she shared stories from Kenya with her new friends at St. David's Episcopal Church in Minnetonka.

Mama Ada would hug her new friends and whisper in their ears: "Come meet my people." For she imagined a world where new friends could partner to help her neighbors in Kenya.

Well, several Americans did visit Mama Ada shortly after her return to her farm. These new friends sat together in a green gazebo on Mama Ada's lawn and imagined a create The Mama Ada Foundation.

Our work is very simple and yet it gives profound opportunities to students and farmers. We award scholarships so that young people can go to school and we give seeds so that farmers can grow a crop to feed their families.

You see, Mama Ada knows that friendships open doors yet unimaginable.

The Mama Ada Foundation







January 27, 2020 A New Year

A New Year

It has been a number of years since several of us journeyed to Kenya and started The Mama Ada Foundation. After spending time in Mama Ada’s beautiful green gazebo in her yard, we came back determined to open a nonprofit organization in the United States.
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August 16, 2019 Hope Campaign

Hope Campaign

Thanks to scholarships from The Mama Ada Foundation (since high school), Maurine Lagat (right) was able to recently graduate from Moi University. She is now a Registered Nurse at Alexandria Hospital, thanks in part to Japheth Yegon – another scholarship alum and head of administration at the hospital. Maurine and Japheth no longer lie awake with worry at night – for they have futures of opportunity and hope.
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June 26, 2019 Welcome Stan

Welcome Stan to Mama Ada's Village

We welcome Stan Tiony to our Mama Ada Village - a village insofar as we are a group of folks who work together to transform people's lives in Kenya. Pictured above left is Stan, as he leads a farmer training.

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October 02, 2018 A Good Deed

A Good Deed is Never Lost

Often in my daily life, I’m going to the same places, with “my people.” And while I know different sorts of people, I am bound in many ways to similar experiences with others. Yesterday and today and hopefully tomorrow, I am blessed to have food, as one example, as are many of my friends and family.

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September 12, 2018 I Can Do Something

I Can Do Something

I’ve had many conversations with my sons, Evan and Ben, about how we each have gifts – not just a special few, but everyone has gifts. Some might have easy conversations with others, some might have the ability to fix a faucet or a motor, some might create beautiful paintings, while others solve math problems with the precision of a calculator.

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