26 June 2019


Welcome Stan to Mama Ada's Village

We welcome Stan Tiony to our Mama Ada Village - a village insofar as we are a group of folks who work together to transform people's lives in Kenya. Pictured above left is Stan, as he leads a farmer training.

While Stan is new to his position as our Ag Project Coordinator, he grew up on a small farm near Mama Ada's home. He is certainly familiar with the challenges and opportunities for farmers. Stan also brings education knowledge and professional experience in agriculture to his work at The Mama Ada Foundation.

Stan and local leaders - Dan Kuto, Jackson Singoei and Isaac Tarus - are working with the Mama Ada Advisory Council at the Eldoret Anglican Diocese, to launch the Mama Ada Ag Pilot Project.

This innovative project involves farmers from three communities in Kenya, who are already learning about different types of seeds and fertilizer, planting and growing techniques, cutting-edge agriculture ideas and technologies, to take to their own fields. By increasing opportunities for a successful harvest, their goal is to have household income to pay for their children's school tuition, medical and other household expenses.

We look forward to telling you more about Stan and this wonderful teams' work over the months ahead. We hope that you enjoy these photos, as our friends in Kenya prepare and plant fields, looking ahead to a fall harvest of bounty.

- Julie Keller

The Mama Ada Foundation

Julie Keller