16 August 2019


A New Year

Thanks to scholarships from The Mama Ada Foundation (since high school), Maurine Lagat (right) was able to recently graduate from Moi University. She is now a Registered Nurse at Alexandria Hospital, thanks in part to Japheth Yegon – another scholarship alum and head of administration at the hospital. Maurine and Japheth no longer lie awake with worry at night – for they have futures of opportunity and hope.

Thanks to a gift of seeds and fertilizer from The Mama Ada Foundation, Noriega and Caren (below) planted their farm field this spring. The couple no longer lie awake at night, paralyzed with fear for their family’s future, not sure where food for their children will come from. Their future is now one of nourishment and hope.

Today we are launching our Hope Campaign. You have the power to change the lives of students and farmers – by making a donation today.

Right now YOU can make it possible for a farmer to feed a family; YOU can make it possible for a student to find a desk in a classroom.

I hope that you’ll consider making a donation to our Hope Campaign by going here.

Asante (thank you)!

- Julie Keller

The Mama Ada Foundation

Julie Keller